PVBmotiv GmbH, Raesfeld

HK PVBmotiv

Printed PVB film

  • HK-BG
    Trosifol BG R20 printed with CMYK and white
  • ME-BG
    Trosifol BG R20 printed with CMYK, white and metallic effect

Printed PVB film

Well-versed employees are working on digital printing processing on four workstations. Of course you can assume the image editing by yourself or pass it on to a graphic designer of your choice.

The following specifications should be observed:

Base Software

Adobe Creative Suite 6 / Corel Draw X6 / Corel Designer X6

Colour Model

CMYK Tiff uncompressed oder LZW compressed

Colour Profile

Euroscale coated V2

Scaling/ Resolution

Scale 1:1 with 100 - 300 dpi


Convert all texts to curves/ paths


Maximum size of a one-piece unit: Width 2500 mm, Length 6000 mm

Greater motifs can also be produced by dividing on several glass plates.

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We are pleased to support you during the planning process regarding the feasibilities.