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Printed PVB film

  • HK-BG
    Trosifol BG R20 printed with CMYK and white
  • ME-BG
    Trosifol BG R20 printed with CMYK, white and metallic effect

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The Spirit of Color.



Printed PVB film

The colours are integrated in the laminated security glass, so they are protected against chemical and mechanical influences therefore cleaning of the glass surfaces is easily be made.

The static characteristics of glass and film will not be affected. The bending strength of glass will be reduced by silk screen stencil print and enameling. This does not happen if you use printed PVB film, therefore it is possible to use lower glass thicknesses.

With ceramic colours printed glass is always thermally prestressed. Laminated safety glass does not have any residual load capacity. You can use Flat glass, Toughened Safety Glass, Annealed Glass or a combination of these as Laminated Glass. We are printing Kuraray/ Trosifol PVB films, which are used for the production of Laminated Safety Glass. You are also able to use Special Glass, which cannot be directly printed (e.g. structural glass, pre-coated glass).

Illustrated PVB film contained inside the laminated glass for internal and external usage

We are printing a commercial film of Kuraray or Dupont, which is commercially used to produce laminated glass. The safety qualities will remain unchanged because of the harmonization of production process, colours and PVB films. LSG with printed PVB film is suitable for external and internal applications.

Photorealistic quality with a high level of UV-resistance

We are working with the CMYK colour model. It is established as the standard in the printing industry and is also used in many desktop printers.

The illustration of the coloured motif boasts of outstanding photorealistic quality. The UV permanence of the colours within the laminated glass is excellent and can usually be guaranteed for 8 – 15 years depending on the laminated glass.

Colours, White and Colour Models

In addition to print CMYK colours we are also able to print white which can be used as a replacement for paper (blank areas are filled with white) or as a spot colour. White can also be printed in gradation, so you will get an etching effect.

Colour gradients can be used both white and colourful without using any grids.

Similar colours to RAL (classical colour range) are also available. NCS colours are digitally programmed in our colour range.

In principle, the colours of the illustration are approx. 50% transparent.

Versatile – transparent, opaque, tarnished

It is possible to get a variety of glass qualities like transparent, opaque or tarnished by combining different types of film. Concerning this the entire pallet of the Kuraray PVB films is utilizable according to the rules of glass processing.

If you still use tinted glass or silk screen printed glass as a “background”, infinite application possibilities will arise.