HK PVBmotiv, Gestaltung der Motive

About us

The years of experience in regards to glass processing by ceramic silk screen printing lay the foundations for the qualified and effective advice and production.  This is based on our established expertise and the close contact with the glass processing industry. With the help of this technical support you receive high-quality products optimally matching your requirements.

Innovation in glass since 1999

In 1999 we have initiated the development of a system to embed colourful motifs in laminated glass with the Kuckherm GmbH, a manufacturing plant for silk screen stencils especially for the glass industry. That system should be applicable for internal and external applications with preserving the security qualities of laminated safety glass.

After seven years of careful development time the first production line of printed PVB film went into serial production at first for two glass processing companies only.

Two years later the production was expanded and we could extend the distribution to the whole glass processing industry.

PVBmotiv GmbH arose from the PVB film department of the Kuckherm GmbH in 2011.

PVB Foils – Worldwide

Today our colourful printed PVB films are produced on four production lines for worldwide shipping to the glass processing industry.

PVBmotiv, Gestaltung Motive

The Spirit of Color.